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UltraSeps CSS full

UltraSeps CSS is the new big brother of QuikSeps Professional which set the standard in color separation software for t-shirt screen printing.

Released in 2009, QuikSeps Pro was our fourth version that was originally introduced in 1999. Our software has a global user base approaching 6,000 t-shirt screen printers and graphic artists, is used by most of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world and is widely considered the finest available.

UltraSeps CSS offers everything QuikSeps Professional does yet includes an immense array of enhanced and expanded features, advanced automation along with new and additional color separation functions and techniques. Its basically like QuikSeps Professional on steroids!

UltraSeps features a completely new and secondary simulated process color separation program called Simulated #2. That’s right, UltraSeps includes two completely different simulated process color separation programs plus the finest CMYK, Index, Grayscale, Spot and Specialty Color Separations available. All have been enhanced and improved for optimum performance and ease of use.

For those looking to get started in color separation and also needing to save a few dollars, by all means consider QuikSeps Professional which is now the second-best color separation program available for t-shirt printers. However for those who demand the very best to gain an edge on your competition, then UltraSeps CSS is the logical choice.

UltraSeps CSS, the most advanced color separation program ever developed for t-shirt screen printers.

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