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Pro Retouch 2.0 download

Pro Retouch 2.0

Pro Retouch 2.0 is an all-new set of Photoshop actions that blazes through portrait retouching. “Plastic Skin Syndrome” is a thing of the past, with a wide variety of Photoshop actions that make natural, flattering edits a breeze. This set of fast and easy-to-use tools brings professional-quality retouching right to your desktop.

Bring Out The Beauty
From flawless, magazine-quality closeups, to subtle retouching for everyday subjects, Pro Retouch 2.0′s actions adapt to your taste. It’s the easy, natural retouching toolkit that brings out the beauty in your subjects, and helps take the “work” out of your workflow.

Skin Smoothing & Perfecting

Includes the following actions:

Bronzer I
Bronzer II
Pore Reducer
Magic Eraser
Radiant Glow
Red Remover I
Red Remover II

Custom Smoother
Foundation Lite
De-Shine Medium
De-Shine Strong
De-Blotch Medium
De-Blotch Strong
Foundation Medium
Foundation Strong
Texture Obliterator

Download complete product:
(license included)


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