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Grid Calculator Pro Edition 4.2 download

Grid Calculator Pro Edition 4.2

Probably the worlds fastest and smartest way of creating professional layout in Adobe InDesign

This software is designed to “hold-your-hand” from start to finish regardless if you’re new to layout or a professional designer with many years of experience. Truth is that many designers are so busy that they just don’t have time to create the layout they truly want, leaving many dissatisfied with the end result or even worse reusing and being “stuck” with old layouts and never developing their layout skills — all because they lack the time and also in many cases the knowledge. You no longer have to be an expert to create layouts like one!

The plug-in is not required in order to open InDesign files created by the plug-in (sending files to other InDesign users works perfectly fine as the plug-in only use native settings already found within InDesign).

The plug-in can also handle multiple masters which means that you can create totally different layouts in the same document. With all the new features of Grid Calculator Pro Edition, it makes the process of creating layout both fun and easy. Will you continue to struggle on your own — or will you get this tool and finally enjoy creating layout?

Top 10 reasons to use our plug-in:
• Extremely fast setup/timesaving
• Create and use/sell high quality templates
• Dynamic settings (adjusts to your project)
• You’ll get really organized (layout/layers/styles)
• Export to Illustrator and Photoshop
• Proportional layout and smart text handling
• Get more options and data than normally
• Build a library of layouts with presets
• Guides for aligning images to text
• And last but not least — peace of mind

Download complete product:
(license included)


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