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Riffstation Complete

Riffstation is what happens when software developers who play guitar decide to build the ultimate guitar app. It’s the application we all wish we had when we were starting out so we decided to build it. It has taken all of our combined years of experience in audio DSP development to bring you the most awesome guitar app available today. As guitar players we use Riffstation everyday and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Learn the songs you love. Practice at any speed. Develop your technique. Jam with your favourite bands

Chord Viewer
• Automatic chord recogniser
• View chords in realtime
• Chords change with music
• Learn chords in any key
• Detects Major, Minor & 7
• Advanced mode allows editing

Jam Master
• Extract or isolate the guitar
• Or mute it and play along
• Slow down music in realtime
• Half speed to double speed
• Change key ( – / + Octave)
• Retune the audio not your guitar

Riff Builder
• Build custom jam tracks
• Use any mp3 you like
• Build new riffs and songs
• Share them with friends
• Full control of each beat
• Save your jams and riffs

Basic Features
• Loop riffs or solos
• Beat based loop selector
• Auto metronome
• Waveform timeline
• Zoom and navigate
• Save and share your sessions

Download link (key/license or crack included):

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    your post improve my day really

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    thank you in your effort!

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    Thanks much for sharing this with us

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    Great find!

    Thank you very much for sharing!

  5. NY Ramstain

    truly great, thank you for share

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