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Download Plex.Earth 3.2 Enterprise FULL

Plex.Earth 3.2 Enterprise

The Plexscape® Plex.Earth Tools for AutoCAD is the ultimate add-on for bringing out the best in your design, importing aerial imagery and terrain elevation contours, exporting or importing KML file for showcasing your models in any way to your customers and partners.

Plex.Earth gives you all the tools you need to utilize aerial/satellite imagery and terrain data, by connecting to Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, Google Earth, USGS or any other WMS service. Specify project’s area and create mosaic to fill with high-res images, create elevation contours, automatically zoom Map Explorer or Google Earth to your area of interest or publish your drawing to Google Earth.


Import images and create seamless mosaics with aerial imagery from any provider, such as Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, Google Earth or any WMS server (e.g. USGS).
Export your design models directly to Google Earth, quickly and easily, in both KML and compressed KMZ format for greater versatility.
Import KML files into AutoCAD
Create terrain models with elevation data fetched directly by Google Earth.
Full package for surface creation by any data set, such as breaklines, boundaries, points or even elevation data extracted by plain text in AutoCAD.
Advanced image processing capabilities, such as to merge and clip (while retaining georeference), and the ability to create World Files, thus allowing imagery transfer between AutoCAD and any other CAD/GIS system.
Supports the basic edition of AutoCAD 2010-2014 and verticals (AutoCAD Civil 3D, Map 3D, Architecture and Mechanical Desktop).
3,000+ supported coordinate systems worldwide.

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