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Petrel 2012

Shared earth—critical insight
The Petrel E&P software platform brings disciplines together with best-in-class science in an unparalleled productivity environment. Geoscientists and engineers gain critical insight to make more informed decisions through this shared earth approach. The Petrel 2012 release continues our commitment to deliver on these key capabilities.
Disciplines working together

Enabling the insight required in complex reservoirs means going beyond data integration, to integrate work processes and capture and preserve knowledge. The Petrel platform enables many experts to contribute their unique perspective to a shared vision of the subsurface. New features and workflows in Petrel 2012 allow you to:

Integrate prestack interpretation and reservoir AVO modeling
Incorporate log analysis uncertainty from Techlog software
Build consistent and realistic geological models using advanced trend modeling
Optimize well placement in unconventionals reservoirs
Improve assisted history matching
Easily integrate production information

Access to best science

The Petrel platform provides deep science across the oilfield lifecycle, from prestack interpretation and advanced reservoir modeling, to assisted history matching and much more. Furthermore, the Ocean development framework allows you to create advantage by providing your intellectual property to your teams in the Petrel platform. The following tasks can be performed in Petrel 2012:

Analyze exploration risk from play to prospect
Improve structural delineation with advanced edge detection attributes
Interactively reconstruct seismic while interpreting
Validate and build more accurate structural models
Design accurate well paths reducing time consuming interactions
Extract geology from geophysics through quantitative interpretation
Define development strategies for INTERSECT software

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