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Download formZ 7 – AutoDesSys

formZ 7 – AutoDesSys

form•Z 7 offers a form generating environment much more powerful, dynamic, intelligent, yet easier to use than any of its previous editions. Not only can you build any form you imagine with form•Z, it can also ignite discoveries of forms that you may not have thought of otherwise.

“We re-developed form•Z based on our knowledge of 25+ years in the 3d industry, but most importantly, on the feedback our users gave us, and with the tasks they wish to accomplish in their work-flow on our mind. The result is sketching, sculpting capabilities, and NURBS modeling superior to those offered by other popular programs.” said Chris Yessios, President of AutoDesSys. David Kropp, Senior VP of Project Development, added that “when the software engineers tackled the job at hand, they had three premises in mind: ease of use, speed, and design flexibility. We wanted to give the users of form•Z an application that, unlike other ones on the market, does not limit their design creativity with software limitations. An application that allows them to extend their imagination on the screen but also go beyond, to explore and bring to life unthought of forms before. We believe we accomplished our goals and invite designers to articulate their thoughts in 3D with the most powerful tool they can wish for!”

Download from here:
(crack/license included)

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