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Download E-Kundali Professional 6.0

E-Kundali Professional 6.0

*Hindi, English, Bangla, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Malyalam, Kannada
MRP- Rs. 2500/-
Compatible with Xp, Vista, Win 7

Contents of Main Horoscope Section
Charts & Tables

Astrological Particulars (Indian & Western), Notable Factors, Ghata-Chakra, etc.
The longitudes, positions, & dispositions of Planets; Lagna- & Navamsh- Kundalis
The 12 Bhavas (House-Cusps & Spans); Bhava-Kundali & Bhava-Chalit Kundali
The Shodasha-Varga (16 Divisional) Charts [ with options for 10 or 7 or 6 Vargas ]
The positions of ‘Sun’-based and ‘Weekday’-based Upa-Grahas (as per 2 methods)
Panetary Karakas, Padas (of Grahas, Bhavas, & Rashis), Various kinds of Aspects
Various Tara-Chakras: Sannadi, Nava-Tara, Tri-Nadi, Sthuna, & Arkhas ( 4 & 8 )
Graha-Maitri: Naisargika Maitri, Tatkalika Maitri, & Panchadha Maitri Chakras]
Determination of Shad-Bala*: Graha Bala, Ishta Phala, Kashta Phala, & Bhava Bala
The Argala Chakras: Mukhya-, Gouna-, Virodha-, & Vishesha- Argalas for planets
Sudarshan Chakra (for viewing Lagna-, Chandra-, and Surya- Kundalis at a glance)
Ashtakavarga: Bhinna Ashtakavarga of Planets, Lagna, & Rahu; Sarva Ashtakavarga
Tri-Pap Chakra & observations from Tri-Ayudh Chakra (Rath Chakra, Ghurna Chakra & Chapa Chakra)

Download link (key/license or crack included):


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