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Download CalMAN 5 Ultimate – SpectraCal

CalMAN 5 Ultimate – SpectraCal

Display Calibration Software for Commercial AV Professionals

For Commercial and Residential system integrators who design, install, and manage AV systems in commercial cinemas, digital signage applications, educational facilities, government facilities, boardrooms, and residential homes, our CalMAN 5 Ultimate display calibration software is powerful, user friendly, and device independent.

CalMAN™ 5 Ultimate Display Calibration Software is a professional tool designed to calibrate displays to a precision level previously not possible, reaching ever closer to the image accuracy intended by the original content creator. CalMAN™ 5 continues SpectraCal’s mission of bringing video calibration out of its complicated past to a 21st century model of integration and simplicity. Building on the award-winning CalMAN™ v4 design, CalMAN™ 5 Ultimate includes new features like Cube Calibration, Saturation Sweeps, Breakout Reports, and Overlay Charts that make the software both more powerful and easier to use.

“CalMAN™ 5 Ultimate is the only software on the market to precisely calibrate and manage any number of displays from any number of manufacturers in a display wall.”

Unlike previous calibration tools, CalMAN™ 5 Ultimate is the only software on the market to precisely calibrate and manage ‘n’ number of displays in a display wall using the newly redesigned Calibration Record System™ (CRS). Whether you need to calibrate one display in a digital cinema or multiple displays tied together in a display wall, CalMAN™ 5 Ultimate is the best tool for the job.

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