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Download Calculus: Early Transcendentals 7th Edition

Calculus: Early Transcendentals 7th Edition

I just finished self-studying Calculus using this book. During the last six months that it took me to finish, never did I find the need for a teacher.


This book covers the topics taught in the first three semesters of an undergraduate math-related course. There are 14 chapters in all: 1) Functions, Graphs, and Models 2) Prelude to Calculus 3) The Derivative 4) Additional Applications of the Derivative 5) The Integral 6) Applications of the Integral 7) Techniques of Integration 8) Differential Equations 9) Polar Coordinates and Parametric Curves 10) Infinite Series 11) Vectors, Curves, and Surfaces in Space 12) Partial Differentiation 13) Multiple Integrals 14) Vector Calculus.

Each chapter begins with a page of related historical details in order to engage the reader. This is followed by around 4-10 sections, each of which has an exercise with 30 problems (on an average) and 10 True/False questions. After reading the theory for a section, solve 10 problems from the exercise. [Make sure you use MATLAB (or any similar software) and a Graphing Calculator whenever a problem requires it. Wolfram Mathematica Online Integrator is another useful tool.] Then do the True/False questions and move on to the next section.

Download link for book:(pdf/EPUB)


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